Sunday, January 20, 2008


Yesterday I went to the range with the SA SOCOM 16 again. The first two times I went I noted an issue with inserting a magazine when the bolt was open. The only way I could fully seat the mag was to insert it from the closed bolt position. Today, magically, this was not the case. I was able to insert and remove the mags with ease. I'm not sure why, but I'm very happy this is no longer a problem.

I put about 200 rounds through it this time with no problems. This gun just eats what ever you put in front of it. Very nice!! The ammo on the line this time was Remington 308 Remington. :-)

Groupings were about an inch to inch and half @ 25 yds on the iron sights. Remember this is an indoor range, 50 to 60 feet is the max here. The man size target didn't have a chance.

One disappointment is that you really can't put a scope on the weapon. The rail is forward of the bolt about mid length up the barrel. I know this is tactical (ACOG or other red dot sight land) but the 6 X 16 40mm Bushnell's objective is not long enough for a clear sight picture from this far foward.

Some of the reviews I've read about the M1 3rd Generation scope mount from Springfield can be a little picky to install. It's also a $100 item on the Fully Loaded Coupon. I have yet to send this in but I get 90 days from date of purchase to complete the process.

I must say that I think this is my favorite long arm. I love the Mini 14 a lot but the SOCOM 16 is powerful, low recoil, and accurate. Ammo is another issue. We'll talk about that again next time.

Good Day!

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