Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winter Shooting? In Minnesota? WTF?

I was a little surprised last week when a friend called and asked if I wanted to go skeet shooting the following weekend. Shooting, guns? In the winter? Here?

OK, I know that I live in Minnesota, and it's winter here, often. Doing stuff outside in the winter, not involving a snowblower or shovel, is very odd.

Did I miss something? I think now that I did. The range is an NRA member only thing. As one of the five liberal gun owners in the world, I am annoyed with the NRA as much as with the 'Anti' people. Fervent belief is one thing, but crazy obsession is quite another.

Anyway, my friend had a blast, and said he would go again, anytime! Good boots and hand warmers are required, from what I'm told. Gloves with a finger cut out is probably needed too.

This points out to me that I need to be more open to new experiences, of all kinds!

Next time, back to Service Rifle subject matter.

Good day!

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